Change Your Story, Change Your Life


Join us for an intense ten-week journey where we will unpack precise concepts, break down specific strategies, and create a safe space to workshop individual learning and support for your goals.
October 5, 2023 
6pm-8pm MT / 8pm-10pm ET
for 10 Weeks
In-Person & Online
720 28 Street NE, Suite 208
Calgary, AB T2A 6R3
COST: $397 + GST

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CHANGE YOUR money story,

Whether we know it or not, each of us has a Money Story, which is a set of BELIEFS around money, that leads to a set of BEHAVIORS with money. Especially when it comes to MONEY, our BEHAVIORS either BENEFIT us or they COST us. And the key to unpacking and understanding all of this is our Money Story, because everything to do with our money begins with our BELIEFS about money.  

It is said that Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting different results. So, for new money results, we need new money behaviours. And, to get new behaviours, we need new beliefs. He also said that we cannot solve our current problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

So, we need new BELIEFS... which will lead to new BEHAVIORS... leading to new BENEFITS.

In the end, we all want TRUE WEALTH, don't we?
True wealth is FREEDOM, IMPACT, and GENEROSITY. 

true wealth is the freedom to live the life you want, 

the ability to have a positive impact

and the capacity to be generous

In the absence of over-the-top role models and exceptional upbringing, we each develop a Money Story that serves us the most basic level of survival.

We don’t understand the whole money picture, and so we fill in our incomplete narrative with knowledge gleaned from a podcast here, a bankruptcy there, a business betrayal here, or an incredible investment opportunity there.

What we lack is not information or tips and tricks, but a Money Story that is built on empowerment, wisdom, and practical insight.

We need an overriding NEW narrative that guides us at the level of our Mindset, our Motives, our Map, our Methods, and our Mentors when it comes to our money.
In Your Money Story, we will be sharing a Money Story that supports and empowers you, rather than limits and disempowers you.

My wife and I will go into detail about how we built multiple businesses at scale operating in several countries around the world, generating millions of dollars in annual revenue, and having the freedom to live a life of impact and generosity.

I will also share my personal story of recovery from personal bankruptcy, and the specific strategies that have made millions for us in investing, business, and profitable collaborations with like-minded people. 
If you are ready to unpack the Money Story you have and replace it with the Money Story you want, please register now.  

We are going to be pulling from our extensive business experience, the knowledge gleaned from a lifetime of successes and failures, along with some very interesting strategies learned doing a finance MBA at one of the top 10 business schools in Canada.

But let me be clear about this also: I will be sharing Your Money Story from a Biblical lens. If you are good with that, then Your Money Story is for you! 

This will be an intense, 10-week journey, where we will unpack precise concepts, break down specific strategies, and create a safe space to workshop individual learning and support for your goals.



IN Small Call to IAction Headline


The Setting > Your Money MINDSET


The conflict > Your Money MOTIVES


the plot > your money MAP and mETHODS


The Character(s) > Your Money MENTORS

my promise is this:

There will not be a crypto pitch or pyramid scheme at the end, nor a pitch for insurance or to invest in money markets. The only investment we are offering is the best investment of all: an investment in yourself. 
By investing in Your Money Story, you will be investing in your financial future, and in changing the dynamics of your personal Money Story. Your Money Story is about giving you the Mindset, the Map, and the Methods you need to break out of survival when it comes to your money and moving to thriving.  






  •  How to create True Wealth: a life of freedom, impact and generosity
  • ​   Obtaining the right MINDSET. If you master your mindset, you will master your money. To renew your money, renew your mind. To improve your cashflow, elevate your contemplation
  •  The GROWTH principles that can help you create and build wealth as you shift into Biblical concepts around income, investing, and abundance 
  • ​  The type of giving that MULTIPLIES your capacity to be generous
  • ​   How to create a Personal Wisdom Council (PWC)
  • ​   How to develop marketable skills
  • ​   Investment strategies that win
  • ​   Budgeting, debt reduction, and recovery from losing everything
  • ​   How alignment leads to abundance
  • ​   The power of vision to create wealth
  • ​   How to connect with the right people to attract wealth
  • ​   How to tap into the creativity that produces wealth
  • ​   The power of working hard and working smart
Don’t miss this opportunity to

change your money results
by changing your money story

Details: In-person and online
Time: Thursdays at 6pm Mountain Time / 8pm Eastern time
Starts: October 5, 2023
10-week course

Cost: $397, plus GST