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ONE TIME OFFER: Receive your Certification as a Certified Flourishing Coach™ in 2 days. Only $797! Our training is conducted LIVE in-person and livestream online (so YOU can join us from literally ANYWHERE!), and is an evidence-based coaching certification program to augment your career and leadership endeavors in any area, or to help you build your business as a professional coach.

in This transformative 10-Week course...

You will discover the 4 key elements to your money story

1. The Setting > Your Money MINDSET

2. The Conflict > Your Money MOTIVES

3. The Plot > Your Money MAP and METHODS

4. The Character(s) > Your Money MENTORS

You will learn:

• How to create True Wealth: a life of freedom, impact, and generosity

• Obtaining the right MINDSET. If you master your mindset, you will master your money. To renew your money, renew your mind. To improve your cashflow, elevate your contemplation

• The GROWTH principles that can help you create and build wealth as you shift into Biblical concepts around income, investing, and abundance

• The type of giving that MULTIPLIES your capacity to be generous

• Creating a Personal Wisdom Council (PWC)

• Developing marketable skills

• Investment strategies that win

• Budgeting, debt reduction, and recovery from losing everything

• How alignment leads to abundance

• The power of vision to create wealth

• Connecting with the right people to attract wealth!

• Tapping into the creativity which produces wealth!

• The power of working hard and working smart